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Wood Boxes FAQs

  1. Why make boxes? I like to experiment with various woods. I can make lots of boxes made of many different and, hopefully, complementary species that I can store easily. Try doing that with kitchen cabinets.
  2. Why own a box? Most of us collect many things throughout our lives. Some of these things are quite small. These can be easy to lose or misplace. A box is an appropriate storage container.
  3. Can I store my valuables in a box? Of course. As long as your valuables are somewhat small. And not too valuable – some lowlife could make off with the box!
  4. Will owning one of these boxes bring me good luck? Yes, indeed.
  5. Will these boxes increase in value over time? In twenty years they will be worth a fortune.
  6. Are you worried that someone will steal your design ideas? I don't care. Woodworking is like music – ideas are passed along from generation to generation.