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About the Craftsman, Jim Dean

When my father was young his family had a small business – I think it was called the Dean Toy Co. They made wooden toys. I don't think it lasted long, but some of the toys still exist. My father was an avid model airplane builder throughout his life, and had excellent woodworking skills. I think I learned a lot by watching him, although I never thought of it as anything more than a useful hobby. I never took a woodshop course in school. I was an English/philosophy major during my brief time as a college student. Visionary that I am, I realized the futility of making a living in that particular field, so, I took the first job I found (in 1971) – as a worker in a mobile home factory in Anaheim, CA. Lots of prefinished paneling and soft putty – but I learned a lot. Especially about having a job. I made passage doors by the hundreds and cabinet doors by the thousands, worked in the engineering dept. and became a supervisor. I stayed for almost 5 years – until the company went out of business.

I worked at several cabinet and furniture factories/shops for a number of years until finding work at a custom cabinet shop in 1979. After moving to the S.F. Bay Area in 1982 I worked and ran several small shops until 1991 when I began working at Capstone Cabinets (if you need cabinets in the bay area, contact Mike or Matt Siddens at 408-998-4098) in San Jose. We made custom residential and commercial cabinets throughout the area. I was there for 15 years, the last 7 as shop manager. I moved to Oregon in 2006 and have been building all sorts of stuff ever since.

I know there are many great woodworkers around – true artists in their skills and vision. I see furniture all the time that amazes me. I am not as skilled as some. But I can do some things very well.